Terms & Conditions

  1. The Investor-One Challenge (the “Challenge”) is organized by Investor-One and Investing Note Pte Ltd (the “Organizers”).
  2. Participants are required to submit their research reports and any other materials (the “Report”) by uploading to the designated website.
  3. Each participant warrants and undertakes that:
    1. He/she is the sole owner of the Report submitted, and the report do not infringe any copyright or violate any law.
    2. He/she grants the Organizers a perpetual royalty-free and transferable right to use, reproduce, publish and display, print, edit or distribute the Report on all mediums and platforms worldwide.
  4. By registering for the Investor-One Challenge, you authorize Investor-One and InvestingNote for the collection and use of your personal data provided, for the purpose of administering the Investor-One Challenge and investor education.
  5. The Investor-One Challenge event at SGX premises may be subjected to audio and video recording, and photography, which Investor-One and InvestingNote may use for internal and external publicity purposes.
  6. By participating in this Challenge, participants agree to receive News Alerts from Investor-One.com, which may include but not limit to updates on key dates of the Investor-One Challenge, latest news on Catalist companies, C-Suite interviews and investor education stories.
  7. By participating in this Challenge, participants agree to create a free account at InvestingNote.com to upload the Report.
  8. Each participant must disclose to the Organizers in writing for any potential conflict of interests, including but not limited to any ownership interests in any company listed in SGX’s Catalist Board and any close personal or professional relationships with employees at any company listed in SGX’s Catalist Board. Participant(s) failing to do so may be disqualified.
  9. The objective of the Investor-One challenge is to raise investment literacy concerning Catalist-listed companies through analysis by the investing community, while conducted in a fair and reasonable manner and to provide readers with content diversity. That said, the Organizers reserve the right to disqualify any participants for failing to disclose conflict of interests or violating any of the Terms and Conditions or any other reasons at the Organizers’ own sole and absolute discretion. In addition, the Organisers may also at its sole discretion, amend parameters of the research report or presentation for the finalists or substitute finalists for the Investor-One Challenge.
  10. The Organizers reserve the right, at any time in its sole and absolute discretion to substitute or alter any of the prizes without notice to the participants.
  11. The Organizers reserve the right to change the terms and conditions, and to suspend or cancel the Challenge without prior notice.