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Investor-One (i-One) is a multi-media investing platform owned and operated by ShareInvestor Pte Ltd. It was launched in 2017 with the support of Singapore Exchange and two corporate finance partners, Prime Partners Pte Ltd and SAC Capital Pte Ltd to create greater awareness of small and mid-cap companies and highlight their investment merits. Often overlooked by the mainstream media, analysts and brokerages, the hundreds of small and mid-cap companies listed on SGX are a fertile ground for careful and patient 'treasure hunting' and the discovery of undiscovered gems.

This portal provides free and convenient access to relevant information of all stocks listed on the Singapore Exchange (SGX). It is supported by SGX through its Investor Education Fund.

We aim to provide readers with a holistic approach to assess companies through a wide array of viewpoints. The Editorial team offer insights to the companies by evaluating its financial performance, reviewing its result announcements and hosting exclusive one-on-one interviews with C-suite management.

In 2022, the i-One portfolio was launched to provide investors with a simulated live portfolio based on the small-mid cap companies listed on Singapore Exchange. The performance of the portfolio is tracked for gain/loss as well as dividend payout and yield. Investors tracking the portfolio and its component stocks will be able to gain insights on the current investing environment.

Investor-One enhances the investing experience with links to other parts of the ShareInvestor Group's media network such as the forum-style InvestingNote with its Key Opinion Leaders, investor relations company Waterbrooks Consultants in-depth analysis of companies and industries, Inve$t Magazine, and annual flagship events such as REITs Symposium and INVEST Fair. The ShareInvestor Group is an established financial media Group with more than 20-year track record and operations in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.

The i-One team is working hard to bring you more undiscovered gems listed on the Singapore Exchange.

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